BVD Tour to Cuba 2017

Yes, we have now confirmed plans for the next BVD tour, and this is going to be a great tour!! Many people have been asking about it, so this time we're letting you know well in advance. Start planning your holidays now!


Please Note:

  1. All guests are responsible for arranging their own flights - we can help suggest the cheapest and most direct flights but strongly recommend booking through a travel agent.
  2. The tour costs will include accommodation, transportation between Havana & Trinidad, and all dance workshops as detailed in the itinerary below.
  3. Not included in the prices are:
    • Meals
    • Taxi fares
    • Entry fee to nightclubs and tourist attractions (such as Tropicana)
    • Incidental expenses
  4. To book your place on the tour please contact Moro by email as soon as possible. We will then provide you with all the neccessary details for confirmation.



PLEASE NOTE: The below is an indicative guide only to let you know about some of the activities we are planning for the tour. All activities listed below are subject to change without notice (things in Cuba can sometimes be unpredictable, and its important to be flexible).

Arriving in Havana on Jan 7 to start the tour!

We will be staying in casa particulars in Vedado, Moro's local neighbourhood in Havana. We'll all be close by to each other, near the Malecon and Moro's sister's home.

Saturday 8th Jan

  • Visit the International Financial Bank (so you know where to change money)
  • Excursion and tour of Vedado to show you where the supermarkets and shops are around the area.
  • Visit the National Hotel in Cuba, considered a symbol of history, culture and Cuban identity was made in 1930.
  • Visit the Habana Libre Hotel (where you can check Internet)
  • A welcome lunch party at Moro's sister's home, where you can enjoy a touch of very good traditional Cuban food by Moro's brother in law. Master Chef in International and Cuban food.
  • Visit El Palenque, the Rumba Houses - an exciting afternoon of dance and performance with local Cubans ‪from 3-6pm‬.
  • Get ready to see the most spectacular open air cabarets in Cuba where you can enjoy the music and Cuban folklore dance.
  • Visit to the world-renowned Tropicana, Cabaret de Cuba - famous for its amazing cabaret shows.
  • Dancing at Casa de la Musica de Miramar, Centro Havana or El Diablo Tun Tun)


Sunday 9th Jan

  • Tour of Old Havana - its many famous haunts, landmarks, restaurants, hotels and daily markets.
  • Visit Capitolio Nacional de Cuba
  • Visit El Floridita bar in Havana (Ernest Hemingway's famous restaurant)
  • Walking tour to Calle Obispo
  • Visit La Plaza de la Cathedral de la Habana which was constructed by Jesuits (1748-77)
  • Lunch in Old Havana
  • Tour of La Bodeguita del Medio, very famous restaurant in Old Havana, a mainstay of Ernest Hemingway and the Cuban Mojitos house.
  • Returning home by Coco Taxis.
  • Let's dance at 18:30pm at the famous outdoor nightclub. This will be the first of many unforgettable experiences with the local Cubans. It's the best Salsa Rueda place in Havana.... :-))))


Monday 10th Jan

  • Workshops: Yambu, Guaguanco, Columbia & Cuban Salsa girls styling, Cuban Salsa mens styling.
  • Lunch at Uncle Bartolo's House.
  • Tour to Coopelia, Cuban Ice-cream shop.
  • Visit Hotel Habana Libre (Where you can check Internet), Calle 23 and Malecón Habanero.
  • Dancing at Casa de la Musica (Miramar, Centro Havana or El Diablo Tun Tun) to be confirmed.


Tuesday 11th Jan

  • Workshops: Son, Salsa Casino, Rueda de Casino & Cuban Timba shines with Reggaeton.
  • Visit Partagas Cigar Factory in Old Habana.
  • Lunch at the Cuban Chinatown.
  • Visit the Rum Museum.
  • Visit the Son museum
  • Return home by Coco Taxis.
  • Dinner at Restaurant El Chanchullero
  • Dancing at Palacio de la Salsa


Wednesday 12th Jan

  • Workshops: Franco Haitian & Son; 4 hours with one of the best professional dance schools from Guantanamo (the best Franco Haitian in Cuba), with the friendliest Cuban teachers.
  • There will be tours of the city, lunch and dancing
  • Dinner in one of the best Paladar in town.
  • Dance at a Salsa night club with the teachers.
  • Dancing at Casa de la Musica (Miramar, Centro Havana or El Diablo TumTum) to be confirmed.


Thursday 13th Jan

  • Visit the Cuban National School, ENA
  • orkshops: Casino, Rueda de Casino, & Cuban Timba shines with Reggaeton.
  • Explore the history & evolution of the Casino Cubano (Cuban Salsa Style).
  • Visit Marina Hemingway & Lunch.
  • Visit El Nautico Beach, El Fontan, El Casino Deportivo. One of the most famous places where Rueda de Casino & Casino Cubano was grown.
  • Matinee, Dancing Salsa at Casa de la Musica.
  • Dinner at la Casona de 17.
  • Dancing at the Hotel Floridita


Friday 14th Jan

  • One-day excursion to Viñales, one of the beauties of the Green Cuba. Transport with guide service
  • Enjoy the views and the direct contact with the people that grow the best tobacco in the world.
  • Panoramic view of Viñales Valley from Los Jasmines viewpoint.
  • Visit cigar factory in Pinar del Rio Province.
  • Creole lunch with folk music.
  • A look to mural of prehistory.
  • Visit to Playa Jutia (Beach)


Saturday 15th Jan

  • Visit the Cuban Art Galleries.
  • Lunch at Cerveceria Plaza Vieja
  • Tour to old Havana Harbour.
  • Return home by Coco Taxis.
  • Dinner Restaurant La Torre.
  • Dancing at Casa de la Musica de Galiano.


Sunday 16th Jan

  • Swimming at the Beach, Playa Santa Maria
  • Dinner at La Chorrera.
  • Let's dance at 1830, the famous outdoor nightclub. This will be one of many unforgettable experiences with the local Cubans. It's the best Salsa Rueda place in Havana.... :-)))) Parties!!!
  • After Party at the Casa de la Musica or chilling out at home between us and friends.


Monday 17th Jan

  • Matinee, Dancing Salsa at Casa de la Musica.
  • Dinner at El Recreo.
  • Dancing at the Hotel Floridita


Tuesday 18th Jan

  • Travel day from Havana to Trinidad - Leaving Havana 14:15, arriving Trinidad 19:35
  • Arriving to Trinidad Casa Particulares.
  • Excursion to Trinidad City, Cuba. Founded by Diego Velázquez in 1514, old town that has been called as “the museum city of Cuba.”
  • Read more
  • Visiting La Canchanchara, having a fresh and traditional Trinidad drinks.
  • Traditional Cuban dinner at a Paladar (home made)
  • Dancing at Trinidad Casa de la musica.


Wednesday 19th Jan

  • Tour to Topes de Collantes, a beautiful adventure experience in the forest. Opportunity to make a trip to the park Guanayara, a nature reserve where you can hike the trail, up through the mountains to the waterfall El Rocio and swim in natural pools.
  • Lunch included at Casa de la Gallega.
  • Traditional Cuban dinner at a Paladar (home made)
  • Dancing at Trinidad Casa de la musica.


Thursday 20th Jan

  • Visit Ancon Beach.
  • Lunch at Ancon Beach.
  • Dinner at a Paladar (home made)
  • Dancing at Trinidad Casa de la musica.


Friday 21st Jan

  • Depart Trinidad 8:15am return to Havana 13:50pm
  • AFTERNOON FREE (enjoy Havana Markets etc.)
  • A bit of shopping to get some water, beer, soft drink and rum for our farewell party (BYO)!!
  • BVD Cuban Farewell Party with dinner!!
  • An unforgettable night meeting your Cuban dance teachers, plus some other Cuban dancers and many of Moro's other friends.
  • Receive Certificate for your Course.


Saturday 22nd Jan

  • Return to Australia :-(((
  • Thanks so much for joining us dear friends and students!


In case you're still undecided, here are a few feedback comments from people who joined our last tour!

"Overall it was a great trip, the music, the dance lessons, the people we met - including the dance teachers, being with Moro's family, the care they all gave us - not to mention the fab food, it was a wonderful experience, Cuba is one of the most unique places I have visited, highly recommend it. Loved the impromptu dancing with the taxi drivers, shoe mender, cafe owners, as well as strangers on the beach, every time you shimmy to music, some one will grab you to dance."

"I felt privileged to go on this trip and to be amongst Moro and his family, to have the best dance teacher in Cuba, the best band in Cuba playing for us at class and to meet Moro's friends at our leaving party. That's the part of Cuba we experienced that you wouldn't get if you went on your own and stayed in a fancy hotel. Thanks go to Moro for arranging it all for us. I want to be there now!!! I miss it so much."

"I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone for the company during our vacation. I've never been on a group tour before and I can honestly say I really enjoyed it. Definite highlights for me were the people both the local experience and our group. I'm reminded of this every time I look at our pics."